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See this Again media for the first time


Tecmo just sent over a bunch of new media for CING's upcoming DS CSI-er, Again. Created by the Hotel Dusk dev house, Again follows supernatural FBI agent Jonathan Weaver -- a man looking for answers to his family's death. He does this through his uncanny ability to look at past crimes while examining those same locations in the present. It's kind of like that black light they use on hotel rooms in news exposes, except there's less chance of seeing something that will scar you for the rest of your life because this is a DS game.

Aside from a healthy amount of new screens to examine, we've also got two new videos showing off puzzles surrounding a clock and a shower curtain, the latter of which shows you how Jonathan uses his special ability. You can check out the first video above, but you'll need to see your way past the break for the other.

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