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Angels Online expansion introduces new class

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Angels Online, the free-to-play MMO from, has released its latest expansion and with it a new class for players to enjoy.

The Assassin Alliance in Eden has been in hiding, but with the new expansion comes the Floating Island, the place that appears to have served as a shelter for the alliance. With its appearance, the Assassins are pushed into the spotlight and have become an available player class: "With the Evil Lyceum gaining in power, the fate of the holy land in danger, the Assassin Alliance was forced to come out of hiding and confront the rising power of evil."

The assassin's strengths, weaknesses, and attributes are going to be familiar to most MMO players, so they'll be a welcome addition to the game. Assassins in Angels Online are quick, sneaky, and deadly with a pair of daggers. They enjoy some pretty devastating class-specific skills such as "Shadow Blade", "Avatar" and "Assault", as well as the highest agility in the game and the ability to enhance their weapons with debuffs.

More information on the new class is available at Angels Online.

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