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Reminder: Hunter and priest columnists application due on Friday


Tired of trolling around the general forums day after day? Sick of only getting to reply to articles on, yet never write them?

Do you know more about the game than Ghostcrawler?

Of course you do!

That's why, dear sir (or madam, we really can't tell and don't care to know), you could be the perfect applicant for the new hunter and priest columnist positions that have opened up. is looking for two dedicated folks to fill these spots, willing to take on all the fun and excitement that comes with writing a weekly column for one of the largest WoW websites out there. The successful priest columnist would take over writing Spiritual Guidance, and the successful hunter columnist would take over writing Scattered Shots.

What are the perks, you ask?

Besides getting to sit in a chat room with all the writers and hear all the cool secrets we know about (aka, recipes for gin in coffee), you also get to have your voice heard by the masses, and get paid for it too!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our application guidelines page and apply today!

All applications must be received by the end of the day this Friday. is an equal opportunity employer, except for Gnomes and Murlocs, they need not apply.

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