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Icecrown Citadel gated progression update

Alex Ziebart

We were all a little baffled at the discovery of a 28 day delay in Icecrown Citadel before the second 'wing' of the instance unlocked. A whole month? That's a really long time, and if it were 28 days between every 'wing' opening, we wouldn't be facing Arthas until early April. Raiders wouldn't even have access to hard modes until shortly after that. That was not a particularly pleasing discovery.

Luckily, Daelo has hit the forums to tell us that it's not going to be that way between every wing. The first wing has an extra long delay because of the holidays, and each of them afterwards will be faster.

He also adds some details about an increased number of attempts on the end bosses:

In other news, the initial number of attempts to defeat the major bosses at the end of each wing of Icecrown Citadel has been increased by 5. This means you'll have 10 attempts for Professor Putricide, 15 attempts when The Crimson Halls are available, then 20 when the Frostwing Halls becomes attackable.
Overall, it's good news. I know all of my raiders will be relieved to hear things will speed up again after the holidays.

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