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Champions Online GM journal: Where we've been

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Champions Online has a brand new dev blog out from lead GM Noel Holmes: "I wanted to take some time to let the community know what we were up to, and what's been keeping us busy for the last few weeks."

The Champions Online dev team has found plenty to keep themselves busy lately, working out the bugs and updates that are part of rolling out a new game. Things like restoring deleted characters and rolling characters back are no longer just wishful thinking.

Of course, dealing with the problem of an unresponsive Nemesis was a big issue on the table. Fixing the issue obviously isn't just a matter of a few keystrokes in such an involved scenario, and Holmes takes some time to explain how they went about taking care of this.

It's not all bug fixes and putting out fires, though. The dev team has been paying close attention to player feedback in these first few months, using it as a guide to future improvements.

The full entry can be read here.

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