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XSEED reveals preorder bonuses for Ragnarok DS


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Remember Ragnarok DS? If you do, you're likely an avid fan of the Ragnarok Online MMO, and thus exactly the kind of person XSEED hopes to entice with the pre-order bonuses for the DS game.

Pre-orders for the DS RPG will include exclusive in-game items for the PC game, which increase experience, attack speed, damage and other stats when used. In addition, every retail package will have more items thrown in, which increase even more stats.

While at first blush it seems obvious to target people who like Ragnarok with this Ragnarok spinoff, it actually strikes us as kind of odd. People obsessed with Ragnarok have a lot of online gaming in their lives as it is! Are they going to want to jump into some random dungeons with just a few people?

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Pre-order items:

  • Audumra's benefit: increased experience points and damage from monsters
  • Odin Mask: additional damage against certain monsters
  • Hermode Cap: increased attack speed
  • Bijofnil's wing decoration: chance of increasing minimum and maximum weapon attack

"Ragnarok Online Setting out on my Journey Pack" (included in every retail copy:
  • Shaman earring: increases intelligence
  • Shaman ring: increases maximum HP and SP recovery
  • Shaman's hair decoration: increased resistance to attacks

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