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Eidos not involved in Batman sequel, Arkham Asylum has 'almost run its course'


Noting that publisher Eidos' name was missing from the Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel's teaser trailer, we contacted Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment yesterday to ask if Eidos (Square Enix Europe) was involved with the game. A company representative informed Joystiq, "WBIE is publishing. Eidos is not involved. We are not disclosing any additional information at this time." In addition, our request to learn the sequel's actual name was not granted.

Meanwhile, in an interview with PC Zone magazine (via CVG), Rocksteady Senior Gameplay Programmer Paul Denning stated that the Arkham Asylum angle for Batman has "almost run its course." He elaborated, "Gotham itself is a fantastically realized fictional city and there are so many places that would be probably be ideal for gameplay and great to explore." But don't expect Grand Theft Gotham just yet, as Denning notes that "you have to be so careful when you take that route." Especially because of all the carjackings.

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