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The Daily Grind: What are you proudest of crafting?

Eliot Lefebvre

Crafting in MMOs is a fairly impersonal thing most of the time. Even with a complex system such as those found in Fallen Earth, Star Wars Galaxies, or Final Fantasy XI, a larger portion of what you can craft has been determined by the structure and programming of the game before you ever start up your efforts. But that doesn't mean there's nothing personal about what winds up happening, nor does it mean that you don't find yourself attached to the process. The feeling of "I made this" is just as strong, even if all you're talking about are a pair of pants you won't be wearing for more than two levels.

Considering the time of year, most of us are probably placing a high premium on craftmanship these days to find the ultimate gift for our loved ones. So today, we ask you: what in-game crafted item are you most proud of? Was it a high-end piece that no one else you knew could craft before you? A silly low-level item that was your first taste of effective crafting? Or something else entirely? Do you still have it, or have you long since sold it or reduced it to component parts?

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