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Fake Steve Jobs: "Stand down!"


Wow. What a roller coaster ride! First, Fake Steve Jobs ordered Operation Chokehold. Then AT&T struck back. That's right around the time when a group of rebels joined the battle with Operation Cuckoo. Now, the original mastermind is telling everyone to stand down:

"I really don't want to cause any actual harm to my fellow AT&T users. Quite the opposite - I feel as if we're all caught in the same horrible prison, suffering alongside one another. The point is, I'm not sure we can stop this thing."
He goes on to list several alternate ideas including:
"Another idea and perhaps the best one: Let's form actual flash mobs outside AT&T stores and put duct tape over their mouths. Anyone up for this? Like, in San Francisco? The media is already all over this protest. They're loving it. They know how badly AT&T sucks and apparently they want to join us in our struggle. So making this into a physical demonstration is the best way to ratchet it up another notch."
Chickening out or being responsible? That's your call. Let us know in the comments!

Via iPhoneSavior

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