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Packard Bell Dot VR46 gets the endorsement of Valentino Rossi, nobody else

Vlad Savov

Wow. You know a product's reached its tipping point when the only way to freshen it up is to go ultra-glossy and get a celebrity to spill some inspired paint upon it. Valentino Rossi, for those of you who don't know, is a nine-time motorcycle racing champion, which means he's not suffering from impaired vision and therefore lacks a valid excuse for the abomination above. Internal specs aren't yet finalized, not that they really matter, though you'd be safe to look at Acer's current lineup and cherrypick a suitable set of components. If you've been a bad boy or girl today and feel the need to be punished, there are two more snappy snaps of the VR46 after the break.

[Thanks, Sal]

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