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Still time to win the Twelve Days of Grunty contest

Michael Sacco

With so many sites and stores promoting commercialism and spending, it's always refreshing to see fansites run contests that are in the true spirit of the season -- altruism (and ad traffic, of course). In this case, is getting into the Winter Veil spirit with their Twelve Days of Grunty contest!

From December 13th to December 25th, the site is presenting one new WoW trivia question each day. A winner is chosen randomly from those who answer correctly, and each day a Grunty the Murloc Marine pet is awarded. No registration is necessary, and the questions are easily answerable with a quick Google search. If you didn't get to go to BlizzCon '09, or if you didn't order the livestream from DirecTV, this might be your only shot at getting Grunty in your digital stocking, save asking Santa. And I don't think Santa does the whole eBay thing.

If you know of other sites running holiday contests, please let us know so we can make sure everybody gets a chance to cash in on the season of giving!

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