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CABAL Online reloads for a new update


Free-to-play MMO CABAL Online has recently played host to a new update entitled "CABAL Reloaded." The new update has aimed to correct a few areas of gameplay as well as offering players some brand new content to play through.

As a few other games have recently done, CABAL has looked at their earlier gameplay and made a few changes to the early content. In Reloaded, the developers have added three new dungeons targeted at those between levels 35 and 70, giving lower level players more options of game play. New quests have been added to the game as well, but those quests are more targeted towards endgame players, rather than midgame.

Other additions, such as skill books and a change to the party interface, adds more to the playability of the game than it changes how the game plays. For the full story on what's been added and changed, check out the full patch notes available on the North American forums.

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