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Uncharted 2 multiplayer adds rematches, clan tags with title update

A recent PlayStation.Blog post contained great news for your ragtag group of trained virtual killers: an Uncharted 2 title update which goes live later today will add Clan Tag functionality to the game's multiplayer component, allowing you to proudly display your team's four-letter moniker before your PSN ID. Sure, this isn't exactly the full clan support that your clan might have hoped for, but it still lets you represent. Isn't that what really matters?

The update's other features, which include quick rematches for online games and hastened load times, can be found in a list after the jump.

  • Added Version number to game menu – should display 1.03 after this update
  • Added Clan Tags – all players can now add a custom four letter Clan Tag in the Profile Menu (square) to display on-screen before their PSN ID
  • Load times have been decreased significantly
  • Added "Rematch" functionality
  • Adjusted some Boosters for balance
  • Addressed issue with Player's Met screen in game menu and XMB displaying incorrectly
  • Addressed issue with Double Cash not doubling medal cash rewards

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