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Samsung M5650 takes Corby a little upmarket

Chris Ziegler

In case you hadn't realized that the full-touch invasion was in full swing, consider this your final warning: Samsung has just announced its M5650, essentially a minor upmarket revision from the colorful Corby launches a few months back. On top of a 3 megapixel cam, the M5650 features WiFi, 3G, some trick social network integration (expect any phone worth a damn to do this in 2010), an FM radio, something Samsung ominously calls the "Cartoon UI," and a one-touch music key. It's not going to blow anyone away on paper, but this is the kind of sweet little number that could get subsidized down to free on virtually any postpaid carrier in the world -- and zero out-of-pocket is always an intriguing proposition, is it not? The M5650's available now in Portugal and will be coming to other parts of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia before too long.

[Thanks, Momchil]

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