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Xbox 360 laptop brings retro looks to an eBay near you

Vlad Savov

If you thought only a semi-deity like Ben Heck could splice consoles into laptop-shaped cases, here's some evidence to the contrary. This week, CollinE from Ben's forums put the finishing touches to his own, rather professional looking, Xbox 360 laptop. Adorned in a red and black color scheme that features a throwback giant X on the top lid, his 360 stays true to the original console in almost all respects -- including the "wind tunnel" noise generated by Collin's five fans. The fact he also consulted our guide on how to do this is just a cherry on the top for us, and you can find a video tour of the hardware after the break. Should it take your fancy, the machine's now on auction with all proceeds going to the "make Collin's Christmas merrier" foundation.

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