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Breakfast Topic: Happy holidays from


Every Christmas I make it a point to log in and catch a few friends and wish them well; some of my guildies and online friends I've made over the past several years are now folks I talk with every day and laugh about all our goings on. I find that Christmas is a good time to take a moment and wish those you've come to know happiness and well wishes.

One thing I like to do every Christmas morning is to take a moment and send someone something in game -- someone who'll actually use it and be pleasantly surprised when they get it. I make an alt, name it something so they won't connect it to me -- and then email them a gift. I'll wrap up the BoE item with some Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper and toss in a Candy Cane or two just for kicks, even though no one is really into RP too much. But it adds to the overall ambiance so it's all good.

This year I think someone is getting a pet from the Argent Tournament. Hopefully someone will send me a bike (I can dream, right?). If you're going to send a secret gift to someone, what are you going to send?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

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