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iPhone ... in an iPhone


Here's a nice post-Christmas mind bender for you -- it's created by a company named Ogmento (they specialize in augmented reality applications -- get it?) and is an iPhone app that creates an augmented reality version of the iPhone. In other words, they put an iPhone in your iPhone so you can iPhone while you iPhone. Dawg.

Why did they do this? Apparently it's a promotion for the iPhone launch by Orange Telecom in Israel. But it's pretty crazy -- the iPhone inside the app even runs apps, though they're just still pictures. And it's a little disappointing that you interact with the fake iPhone via the real iPhone's touchscreen. If it really was an augmented reality demonstration, wouldn't you interact with the augmented reality iPhone just by moving your hand in the air where it should be?

Maybe that's too mind-melting after a relaxing Christmas day. At any rate, enjoy the crazy video above. This isn't anything we'll see coming to the App Store any time soon, we're sure, but it's just the kind of thing to get your mind up and running again after all that egg nog and holiday cheer.

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