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Alganon developer roundtable answers player questions

Eliot Lefebvre

Coming up on its first full month of being live, Alganon has had a bit of a rocky start thus far. Whatever one's opinions on the game might be, however, the amount of enthusiasm the development team has for their game is admirable, and any issues it has certainly can't be attributed to a lack of caring. The most recent communication has been the release of a new developer roundtable, with several questions from the game's community answered directly by the developers.

One of the largest highlights in the discussion is the question of gear prerequisites. Rather than focusing exclusively on level-restricted items, Alganon also has equipment limited by the game's study system instead of experience. There's also talk of multiple instance sizes within the same map, with each "version" re-tuned for the differing number of players in the encounter. Or, if you prefer non-sequiturs, there's a reference to The Lonely Island in a discussion of the game's current and upcoming transport options.

The full set of questions and answers can be found on the official site, and includes further discussion on instance unlocking and the upcoming in-game event "The Dawning." If you're interested in the game on any level, it's worth taking a look.

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