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Fallen Earth loses and promptly recreates fan page

Eliot Lefebvre

Apparently, it's possible to misplace a fan page. No, really. We were a little dubious about it at first ourselves -- after all, how can you lose part of the worldwide series of tubes -- but if Fallen Earth has managed to do it, then it can be apparently done. The official site has broken word that while attempting to update the game's fan page on Facebook, the page apparently... vanished. Never to be seen again. Which might come as a shock to the many people who are fans of the game on the popular social networking site.

Fortunately, the minor hiccup is being taken with a good sense of humor by the staff, as evidenced by the first official post on the recreated fan page. What exactly happened to the original page? No one is certain, although perhaps it'll show up in a few months with a large beard and a drug problem... but hopefully not. In any case, if you're one of the many who has found something to enjoy about Fallen Earth, point yourself toward the newly recreated fan page to reconnect with the game's official Facebook feed.

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