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Leica S2-P unboxed on video, produces sample shots

Leica S2-P unboxed on video, produces sample shots
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|January 4, 2010 8:52 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, please disengage your budget conscience for this post, as hearing things like "the Leica S2 seems to be quite the happy medium" when discussing a camera that costs north of $31,000 (body only!) will never make much sense otherwise. Matthew Harrison, aka The Leica Guy, has gotten his hands on what he calls the first commercially available S2-P and performed a loving unboxing and preview of the luxurious shooter. With a 56 percent larger sensor than the stellar Canon 5D Mark II (stretching all the way to 37 megapixels), fully weather-sealed casing, sapphire glass monitor screen, and Platinum Service for the discerning photographer, the S2 certainly has a spec sheet to match its price. Matthew's impressions only confirm the supremacy of this beast, and you can hit up his site below for sample pictures. Don't forget the video unboxing after the break, which includes (at 3:53) something that might cause real distress to bona fide DSLR junkies -- you've been warned.
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