Comcast, Time Warner and Cox are excited about the latest in DLNA

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.08.10

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DLNA devices
DLNA is one of the most widely adopted digital content sharing protocols around, and at CES this year you'd have a hard time finding a new HDTV on the floor that doesn't use it to stream videos, pictures and music around the home -- not to mention all the other multimedia devices. The new guidelines released earlier this year are finally making their way into new devices and these new guidelines are apparently what cable TV providers have been waiting for. Unlike most current DLNA implementations, the new clients can now display the DLNA server's user interface, and although you might not be in love with it, your cable company is. So what this could mean to us is that if we buy one of these new HDTVs with DLNA baked in, we would be able to use the cable company's DVR via the network even if the DVR is in another room -- not to mention PlayOn and a number of other DLNA servers. Now of course no one wants to mount a set-top under your newly wall mounted HDTV, so this could really end up being what many have been waiting for -- not to mention the fact that all your content should be available to any room of the house. Of course a press release is one thing and implementing is another, but this is one that we'll be following closely.
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