Google support forums rife with Nexus One 3G complaints, is this a real problem?

What started out as a few tips on 3G issues for Google's Nexus One seems to have ballooned into a fair bit of drama at Google's support forums. The main complaint appears to be owners reporting that their device either never switches to 3G, or, it is constantly switching between 3G and EDGE. Many users are also posting that switching out to another manufacturer's set yields great 3G reception where they're testing, and others have chimed in that the service on their phones has been spotless. In an interview today at All Things D here at CES, Walt Mossberg mentioned the support problems to which Andy Rubin replied "we have to get better at customer service" -- all too true if this is a real problem. Let us know in comments if you're seeing an issue, and if there is a real problem here, hopefully it'll get addressed on the double.

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