T-Mobile killing @Home service, softly

Those of you making use of T-Mobile's VOIP offerings to save some minutes, hang onto your WiFi. The newly Google-favored carrier has decided to axe its HotSpot@Home service, meaning no more landline VOIP calls through the service calls over WiFi from home. T-Mo will allow existing subscribers to carry out their existing contracts (if only to avoid giving them an early out), and everyone can still make calls over WiFi at the company's public hotspots, but no new folks will be able to add the service to their accounts, meaning this old offering won't die, it'll just fade away.

Update: As a number of you pointed out it seems we've got things a bit wrong here courtesy of some conflicting reports. The HotSpot@Home service will live on, but the @Home service, which provided VOIP access through landline phones, is the one being put out to pasture here.