Rogers HTC Dream upgrade plan is official, still free

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Rogers HTC Dream upgrade plan is official, still free
We smile when carriers do us a kindness, and we'd expect a few of you HTC Dream owners will agree that Rogers momentary lack of reason offer for a free upgrade to an HTC Magic is just that. So, the rub you ask? Well, that's the magic here, there all but isn't one, simply hop online or call customer care -- Rogers brick and mortar shops won't be doing this upgrade -- between the 12th and 26th of January, re-sign -- yes, to a new 3-year, but we're told that should be no more than 7 months for most users -- your contract and you walk away with a $599 handset for nothing. No added fees, administrative charges or anything, heck, Rogers is even eating the $79 upgrade fee and the $35 admin fee for the new set. Oh, but check this out, it gets better: it is an upgrade and as such Rogers doesn't even want your old set back, so you'll have a day phone and an evening phone, one 2.1 -- at some point, anyway -- and a nice 1.5 set with Sense. So, what are you waiting for? From any angle this just looks too fantastic to let slip through your fingers.

Update: Well, the good deal from Rogers just got better -- as if that could be possible. It seems the lucky upgrading masses are also receiving a bonus $50 rebate on checkout. So not only do you get a free Dream and get to keep the Magic, Rogers is now paying you $50 for the privilege.
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Here are the details of the HTC Dream to Magic upgrade that Rogers announced Friday:

Current Rogers customers who activated a new Rogers HTC Dream through Dec. 31, 2009 - either through upgrade or a new activation - may upgrade that device to an HTC Magic for a limited time.
Upgrades must be done through Customer Care (1-888-Rogers1) or through (existing 3yr data plan required for online upgrades, instructions below). This special upgrade offer does not apply at retail.
This limited-time upgrade is available between January 12 and January 26 only.
The $79 upgrade cost of the device, plus the $35 administration fee are being waived. Customers who choose to take advantage of this offer get a $599 phone for $0 with the renewal of a three-year term from the date of the upgrade (For most customers, this will represent a contract extension of seven months or less).
The upgrade is completely optional. Customers who choose to can stick with their HTC Dreams and remain in their current contracts.
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