Sony Ericsson Kurara getting April debut in UK?

Sony Ericsson's slightly lower-spec cousin to the Satio -- the so-called Kurara -- is now said to be on track for an April release in the UK, according to the too-familiar "sources close to the matter" (whom, after months of research, we now believe to all be cousins of Mr. Blurrycam). That would seem to line up the 8 megapixel, Symbian-based touchphone for a possible announcement at next month's Mobile World Congress, an event at which the company introduced the Satio one year prior -- perfect timing, no? It's likely that a UK release would be closely followed by launches in other European markets -- and Sony Ericsson's been making a habit recently of launching some of its hottest models through Sony's US SonyStyle store, too, so we might get some love all over the globe with this one.

[Image via mobie-review, thanks ugotamesij]