'World's first' LCD greeting card captures your child's adoringly banal moments for posterity

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|01.13.10

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'World's first' LCD greeting card captures your child's adoringly banal moments for posterity
The last time we saw Euri, Inc. the company was peddling a ring box with integrated LCD display (which presumably led a number of would-be brides to question their entire romantic history). This go 'round, however, it looks like the company's come up with something a little more tasteful -- the simply named Digital Slide Show Card. The fruit of a partnership with American Greetings, the digital greeting card line (billed as "the world's first") is essentially a digiframe with a 2.4-inch LCD that springs to life when the card is opened. With juice for about three hours of playback and storage for fifty images (or five minutes of MP3 audio), the cards can be recharged via USB and are priced at $19.99. Kind of make your Precious Moments figurines look decidedly low tech, eh? Available now at Target. PR after the break.
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Euri Inc. Breaks New Ground with World's First LCD Digital Photo Greeting Card

Euri Inc., in partnership with American Greetings Corp. (NYSE: AM) and Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) has developed the world's first digital photo greeting card. Combining sight and sound with state of the art, patent-pending LCD technology, the Euri solution offers consumers the next logical step in the evolution of the classic greeting card.

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) January 6, 2010 -- Capable of storing and displaying up to 50 digital images on a 2.4" LCD screen, the new greeting cards also double as digital photo albums, making them keepsakes to cherish for a lifetime. Further, by allowing users to personalize the gifts with mp3s and recorded audio messages of up to five minutes in length, Euri invites consumers to go beyond the boundaries of traditional gift giving and truly connect, even when thousands of miles away. "With the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, we've seen a transformation in ways consumers communicate and share," said Josiahs Livingston, director of marketing and product development at Euri. "The digital photo card goes one step beyond - creating both a highly personalized and memorable gift."

As user friendly as they are high tech, the cards are compatible with both PCs and Mac, and are completely rechargeable via USB. The uploaded media are activated every time the card is opened and each card can last up to three hours between charges. With no additional software to download or buy, pre-installed 'plug and play' software makes personalization fun and easy. Perfect for the holidays, birthdays, and for family or friends overseas or in the military, the simple design and ease of use make this digital greeting card accessible for all ages.

The cards were invented by Euri president Danny Oh, the man behind the patented EuricaseTM. By combining his expertise and passion for electronics with his pioneering spirit, Oh founded Euri Inc. as a way to reach consumers of the digital age. Following the lead of social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook, Euri designs invite consumers to play an active role in the creative process and give users ultimate freedom of expression.

Euri Inc. will be presenting the greeting cards at CES in Las Vegas this weekend, Jan. 7-10. You can visit them at booth number 15344 in Central Hall for more information.

About Euri Inc.
A subsidiary of IRTronix Inc., Euri Inc. has built a solid reputation as a consumer electronics innovator. Leveraging our years of expertise in electronic components and experience in product design with best-in-class manufacturers, Euri has become a strong partner for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Euri and parent company IRTronix can provide distribution, product design and manufacturing services. With our design team located in California and our manufacturing facilities in Korea and Hong Kong, our clients can expect both competitive prices and high quality finished product
For more information, please visit http://www.euriinc.com

Parent company IRTronix is a leading supplier of high quality power semiconductors, micro-acoustic technology components, Hi-Power Modules, and Hi-Power LED components. IRTronix has supply channels with some of the world's leading product manufacturers, all of the leading contract manufacturers, and a diverse mix of markets served and OEM customers. For more information, please visit http://www.irtronix.com
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