Apple flush with cash and ready to buy

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.15.10

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Apple flush with cash and ready to buy
Got a company you're trying to sell? Apple might have a check with your name on it -- BusinessWorld reports that they're in the mood for picking up some new businesses lately. Even after high profile acquisitions like LaLa and Quattro Wireless, Apple's still got plenty of cash in the bank, and they're looking to buy. BW points to the hire of Adrian Perica, a former Goldman Sachs banker, as the company's "first dedicated M&A specialist," and says that with Perica on board, Apple's looking to get the jump on rivals like Google and pick up some new technology and talent via acquisition.

So what kind of companies will they be picking up? Apple is a company that's always on the move. While the Mac market is strong, they seem to have realized that their main strength lies in breaking new ground, from music players to smartphones, and so they'll likely pick up companies slightly different from their current core products. They also have a history of buying smaller companies, so you probably won't see them do gigantic merger deals. Rather, they'll find a company working on a new tech that interests them, and then just swallow the little firm whole (see Cover Flow and any number of their other pickups in the last decade). So if your ten-person company is working on, say, a revolutionary new tablet control scheme, or a new category of personal computing, that knocking on your door might be Apple with a truckload of money.

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