BeBook Neo e-reader launches with WiFi and WACOM capabilities

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.22.10

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BeBook Neo e-reader launches with WiFi and WACOM capabilities
We're still patiently waiting for Endless Ideas to launch a 3G-equipped e-reader to compete with the masses, but 'til then, we suppose we'll have to be satisfied with the WiFi-toting BeBook Neo. Boasting a 532MHz Freescale CPU, Vizplex display (800 x 600 resolution), 512MB of internal storage, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 connectivity and an SD expansion slot, the 6-inch, February-bound Neo brings to the table very little that we haven't seen elsewhere -- in fact, it's a dead ringer for Onyx International's Boox. Naturally, you'll find support for a multitude of file formats (ePUB, PDF, HTML, JPG, PNG, etc.), and the internal battery is good for 7,000 page turns on a full charge. The company is also playing up the unit's ability to access a wide variety of third-party ebook venues, which gives you the option of purchasing books from any given outlet rather than a predefined store. There's also WACOM tech built in, which should delight those who love to annotate and add text mark-ups. We're told that future software updates will add a multitude of new features, but it's tough to say if that promise is enough to coax you into dropping $299 on a pre-order.
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