HP tx2000 suffering from dead screens and wireless, NVIDIA to blame?

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|01.27.10

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HP tx2000 suffering from dead screens and wireless, NVIDIA to blame?
When we received an e-mail from a very agitated reader detailing that the wireless card and the screen on his HP tx2000 stopped working just a convenient few days after his warranty expired we felt bad, though didn't think much of it. But then we started doing a bit of research, and it turns out these issues go all the way back to the tx1000 and that there are thousands -- if you can trust the petition numbers -- that have been encountering these problems. The cause? Most likely the overheating NVIDIA graphics card and chipset that was used in both models, and which was actually the reason for Sony, Dell and other HP laptop recalls last year. So, what gives, especially after the warranty of these tablets has gone up? Not much, unless you are handy with a motherboard, some thermal compound and tinfoil like the guy in the video after the break (spoiler: he fixes his tx1000!) We wish we had better news, but if you're an unfortunate owner of one of these txs your best bet is to hit one of the links and sound off. The more noise, the more likely HP will be to finally recall these puppies.

[Thanks, Artur T.]
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