Video: Excella and Josh in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

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After announcing Excella Gionne as a playable character in the Mercenaries Reunion mode in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Capcom has now released a video of Excella in action. Even in motion (perhaps especially in motion), it all seems just a tad silly. There's something incongruous about a woman in an evening gown and heels bringing the pain to swarms of zombies. She certainly never showed off her zombie-slaying abilities in the game proper. Still, that's probably beside the point.

Capcom also released a video of Josh Stone in the Mercenaries Reunion mode. He seems a little more at home, cheesy catchphrases included. See him in action after the break. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition DLC lands on PSN and XBLM in February, with a retail release set for March.

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