Firefox for Mobile makes Maemo its first home

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|01.30.10

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Firefox for Mobile makes Maemo its first home
As if you needed any more evidence of the tech supremacy of your Nokia N900 or N810, here's Firefox making its official mobile debut on the most righteous Maemo OS. Available for download right now, version 1.0 will come with a pretty sweet feature named Weave Sync, which harmonizes your bookmarks, tabs, history and passwords across devices, making for a seamless transition between your desktop computer and your mobile one. We reckon we could get used to that. Alas, Flash support is still somewhat shaky, and does not come enabled by default, though you're free to flip the switch and ride the lightning as it were. We're sure Mozilla will appreciate any crash reports you might want to throw its way as well. So come on already, download the darn thing and let us know if it improves on the already spectacular browsing experience of the N900.

[Thanks, Ross M.]
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