Google waxes poetic on Nexus One's design in video series, new docks shown off

Curious about the bright minds behind the OLED-wrapped, Android-powered Snapdragon in your pocket? Google's just posted its first in a series of videos about the Nexus One's magical journey from concept to production, and this particular episode calls in Mountain View's own Erick Tseng alongside HTC project manager Tomasz Hasinski and Lloyd Watts of Audience, which provided the phones dual-mic noise reduction tech. Don't expect too much depth here -- the entire video's only four minutes long -- but after Erick talks about the Nexus One's unprecedented fusion of bleeding-edge hardware and software design, we get to hear a little bit about HTC's selection of soft-touch materials and a large display for the device and Audience's involvement in improving voice quality before getting a super-brief glimpse at three docks. One of them is already available -- the desktop dock -- but the other two appear to be a standard desktop dock with an integrated spare battery charger and the nav-friendly car dock on the left and right, respectively. The video gives no clues when we might actually see these available for purchase -- but since they've finally shown them off here, it can't be long, right? Follow the break to check out episode one in full.