DISH Network sports 9 new HD channels, but can you watch them?

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|02.11.10

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DISH Network 1000.4
We always welcome new HD channels with open arms, but in the case of these new HD channels from DISH Network there's a catch. These new channels are being delivered on a newer birds located at 72.7 and 129 -- we don't pretend to know what these numbers mean -- so most existing DISH Network customers can't see them. Some of you are lucky enough to have a DISH 1000 which can tune in the new channels, assuming you don't live on the east coast. If you do live on the old coast of the US you need an even newer DISH 1000.4 (pictured above). Bottom line is that all of those stuck in the snowy wonder land can't pass the long snow days with these new channels because even if the UPS truck could make it to your house, you'd have to be pretty hard core to go out on the roof in weather like that.
  • Fox Soccer Channel HD
  • Retroplex HD
  • Indieplex HD
  • BBC America HD
  • E! Entertainment Television HD
  • Hallmark HD
  • Showtime West HD
  • Sportsman Channel HD
[Thanks, Scott]
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