Lian Li masters PC chassis marketing, gets our attention with T1 'Spider' video

It's a well known fact ('round these parts, anyway) that Lian Li is one of the more creative PC chassis manufacturers on the planet, but who knew the company responsible for crafting a case in the likeness of Dubai's own Burj Al Arab had a top-notch marketing staff, too? In the video past the break, the company's innovative new open-air Mini-ITX benchmarking case is revealed to the world, and while the device itself is a fantastic creation, it's the pitch that really sells it. Essentially, the highly flexible T1 Pitstop "Spider" is made for hosting smaller systems for limited amounts of time, making it easier to test and benchmark a litany of systems without having to crack open a traditional case with each setup. We're still trying to determine whether or not Lian Li truly expects to build and sell this thing, but whatever the case, the clip awaiting you below is totally worth a watch.

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