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Touchy Remix is the multitouch table you could actually use

Touchy Remix is the multitouch table you could actually use
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|February 10, 2010 12:22 PM
Remember when those Microsoft Surface-based tables were all the rage? Yeah, those were the days. Fast forward to today, and you'll probably realize that those things never really took off save for the in luxury yacht market, and while cost was obviously a problem, the overall design never really helped, either. You see, most of the ones we saw were in the shape of a box, which made them exceedingly difficult to sit at and use for an extended period of time. The Touchy Remix, however, solves that issue entirely and creates an alternative that can easily be used by multiple persons who are seated comfortably. German artist Janis Pönisch is responsible for the design here, and the fiberglass shell ensures that the whole thing remains nimble and easy to relocate. There's no mention of a mass commercialization date, but here's hoping this thing hits our local Pottery Barn on the double -- multi-player, multitouch Galaga, anyone?

Update: Turns out these things are already out and about, with one particular tipster noting that they have a few in his London-based running Vortex software.

Update II: SOCO, the Amsterdam-based creator, pinged us with a few more details. Currently, IntactLab is the only distributor (though more are hopefully on the way), and the unit ships with OS X (or Windows 7, if you prefer) loaded on. Multitouch software is provided by IntactLab, and the aforesaid bar added on their own additional software for that given scenario. You can find a product specification sheet here (warning: PDF).
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