HyperMac debuts kandy-kolored, streamlined, pocket-sized batteries (vroom! vroom!)

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|02.11.10

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HyperMac debuts kandy-kolored, streamlined, pocket-sized batteries (vroom! vroom!)
We fell in love with our HyperMac batteries during this year's CES, and now it looks like Sanho's decided to open its net a bit and introduce chargers for all you iPod, iPhone, and future iPad owners. All three models feature aluminum cases in colors that correspond to the ol' iPod nano (pink, red, orange, so on, and so forth), and all three have USB connections for charging your non-Apple gear as well. The HyperMac Nano (fully recharges your iPhone 1.5 times), HyperMac Micro (up to three times), and the HyperMac Mini (up to six times) are available now $70, $90, and $120 respectively -- and if you hop over to HyperMac.com now they'll knock $20 off the asking price. If that doesn't convince you, perhaps a gallery full of model-types showing off the devices will? Nah, probably not. PR after the break.
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New Candy Colored Pocket-Sized HyperMac Battery Packs For iPhones, iPods And iPad At Macworld 2010.

10 Hot Colors, 3 Different Capacities, Batteries Never Looked So Sexy!

02.11.2010 – MACWORLD 2010 SAN FRANCISCO, California - Sanho Corporation (Booth #948), the company behind the award-winning HyperMac External MacBook Batteries, introduces the HyperMac Nano, HyperMac Micro and HyperMac Mini - three pocket-sized, lithium-ion battery packs for charging iPhones, iPods, iPads and other USB-powered devices on-the-go.

All three models are exquisitely encased in aluminum and available in any of Apple's nine iPod nano colors (black, silver, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) plus a darker (iPhone) black color. Users will be spoilt for choice when choosing the right battery pack to match their iPhone or iPod.

The 1800mAh HyperMac Nano is the world's only iPhone/iPod lithium-ion battery pack with a built-in charging cable and holds enough power to fully recharge an iPhone 1.5 times. Unlike traditional battery packs with built-in rigid connectors, the HyperMac Nano features a flexible connector cable to allow the battery to move freely from the device, instead of simply sticking out of the base of the iPhone/iPod, which increases the chance of damage to the iPhone/iPod socket.

When not in use, the male iPhone/iPod 30-pin connector sits perfectly into the female 30-pin recharging socket, and with the cap closed, the HyperMac Nano is a sleek piece of metal without any exposed slots or buttons, reminiscent of a Zippo cigarette lighter. The HyperMac Nano's patented design also features a magnetic base to hold the cap in place during charging.

The 3600mAh HyperMac Micro holds enough power to fully charge an iPhone up to three times, while the 7200mAh HyperMac Mini can fully charge an iPhone up to six times. Both output 5V/1A power through a USB port and the user can charge any iPhone, iPod, iPad or USB-powered device with the provided iPhone/iPod and USB cables. The batteries are rechargeable via USB or wall outlet with the provided USB cable and AC adapter.

Unlike most iPhone battery packs or iPhone cases cum battery in the market, HyperMac batteries works with virtually all iPhone cases, does not add bulk or affects the antenna of the iPhone.

"iPhone users have long suffered from the iPhone's short battery life and dull utilitarian plastic battery pack solutions," states Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation. "HyperMac will no doubt breathe a fresh air to this tired industry," he adds. "With its striking colors and attractive non-battery-like looks, for once there will be a battery pack that appeals to both women and men alike," he concludes.

Like its big brother, the HyperMac Nano/Micro/Mini batteries uses the same "Grade A" high-end lithium ion cells that are supplied to the U.S. military, providing unsurpassed reliability, safety and longevity. It is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and comes with a ONE-year warranty - comparing to industry standards of only 300 recharges and 3 months warranty. All HyperMac batteries also support pass through charging so the user can charge both battery and device at the same time.

The HyperMac Nano, HyperMac Micro and HyperMac Mini are now available at HyperMac.com for $69.95, $89.95 and $119.95 respectively. As a launch promotion, there is currently a $20 discount on all HyperMac Nano/Micro/Mini batteries.

Capacity: 1800mAh (Nano), 3600mAh (Micro), 7200mAh (Mini)
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Standby Time: Up to 450 hours (Nano), 900 hours (Micro), 1800 hours (Mini)
2G Talk Time: Up to 18 hours (Nano), 36 hours (Micro), 72 hours (Mini)
3G Talk Time: Up to 7.5 hours (Nano), 15 hours (Micro), 30 hours (Mini)
Wi-Fi Internet: Up to 13.5 hours (Nano), 27 hours (Micro), 54 hours (Mini)
3G Internet: Up to 7.5 hours (Nano), 15 hours (Micro), 30 hours (Mini)
Audio Playback: Up to 45 hours (Nano), 90 hours (Micro), 180 hours (Mini)
Video Playback: Up to 15 hours (Nano), 30 hours (Micro), 60 hours (Mini)
Nano: 3.4 x 1.5 x 0.55" (85 x 38 x 14mm) / 2.4 oz (67 g)
Micro: 3.7 x 2.7 x 0.6" (94 x 69 x 16mm) / 4.7oz (134g)
Mini: 5.2 x 3.1 x 0.55" (132 x 79 x 14mm) / 8.4oz (237g)
Input Power: 5V/500mA (Nano), 5V/1A (Micro/Mini)
Output Power: 5V/1A

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