Walmart shopper takes a bat to 29 TVs, lobbies to join Braves' spring training squad

Look, we've all had rough days. Ones that we wish never even happened, in fact. But we've yet to be pushed to the brink where the only logical solution to blow off steam would be to take an aluminum baseball bat to nearly three dozen TVs that weren't ours. For whatever reason (the accused is pleading the Fifth), Westley Strellis waltzed into a Walmart just outside of Atlanta yesterday, where he proceeded to lift a bat from the sporting goods section and then demolish the screens of 29 televisions in the electronics department. Shortly after, he submitted to a pair of handcuffs and 29 counts of criminal damage to property in the second degree, and if the initial tallies are correct, he somehow managed to mar over $22,000 worth of goods. Chin up, Mr. Strellis -- maybe you'll end up in a cell next to this brainiac.

P.S. - Store footage of the rampage is after the break.

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