Macworld 2010: Andrew Gregory of AutoTune the News

We can reveal our secret now: during Macworld's setup, we wandered into the wrong room, and randomly came across a stage shared by David Pogue, LeVar Burton, and the Gregory Brothers A.K.A the AutoTune the News crew, all rehearsing for David Pogue's keynote. The keynote went off well, and afterwards, I asked Andrew Gregory to come by for a conversation at the booth; Andrew does the extremely popular Autotune the News segments on YouTube with his brothers Michael and Evan, along with Evan's wife Sarah. He kindly agreed, and you can watch the video of our chat by clicking on the link below.

Andrew told us that he and his brothers have been Mac users from the start, and he also shares with us part of the story behind the I am T-Pain AutoTune app, along with his impressions of the Macworld show floor. It was very fun to meet up with him in a pretty unlikely place -- be sure and give our chat a look.