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Redpark announces serial and RJ-11 cables for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Redpark announces serial and RJ-11 cables for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Joseph L. Flatley
Joseph L. Flatley|February 12, 2010 2:28 PM
It's not like we spend much time with serial cables and RJ-11 jacks these days, but we do appreciate that they have their uses, especially among industrial customers and hobbyists -- so it's no surprise that the enterprising folks at Redpark have cooked up adapters for the iPhone / iPod touch (and, presumably, the iPad). Approved by Apple as reference designs, they're not yet commercially available, but they do signal the continued expansion of iPhone / iPad functionality that we've noted with things like SD card readers, keyboard docks, and GPS car kits. So what do you think -- contemplating any iPhone mods involving RS-232 communication? PR after the break.
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Redpark Offers Serial Cable Reference Design for iPhone and iPod Touch

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) February 11, 2009 -- Redpark Product Development announced today its Serial Cable Reference Design for OEM use with the iPhone and iPod touch. The cable has been approved by Apple as a reference design.

The serial cable makes it possible to connect an iPhone or iPod Touch to serial devices such as medical or scientific instrumentation, point of sale devices, industrial process control equipment, networking devices, and building automation equipment. The cable enables the attached device to communicate with an application running on the iPhone.

"Redpark is in the business of connecting the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad to other devices," explained president Mike Ridenhour. "While the iPhone can currently communicate with certain devices via WiFi or Bluetooth -- there are numerous applications that require a wired connection. We work with device manufacturers and with iPhone application developers to build specific connectivity solutions."

iPhone serial cable concepts - DB9 and RJ11

The cable can be customized to meet the needs of a given application. The firmware, connector type, and cable length can be revised as required. To help customers accelerate development and time to market, Redpark provides the technology under license or will manufacture custom serial cables.

* Redpark expects that the reference design will be suitable for use with the recently announced iPad. Testing with an iPad has not yet occurred.

About Redpark

Redpark Product Development provides engineering services to companies in the consumer electronics industry. Areas of focus include iPod integration and iPhone app accessory development. The Redpark Serial Cable Reference Design is the initial iPhone accessory reference design developed by Redpark. Additional reference designs are planned.


Mike Ridenhour, Redpark Product Development, 510-594-1034 x102, mike@redpark.com

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