VanaFest 2010 playing host to more Final Fantasy XI number games

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.16.10

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VanaFest 2010 playing host to more Final Fantasy XI number games
The Mog Bonanza has come to an end, and whether you won or lost your chance at the valuables has passed... or has it? Final Fantasy XI's upcoming fan festival, VanaFest 2010, has a chance for players to redeem their luck or go for a repeat success. The Nomad Mog Bonanza will be a special live repeat of the celebrated event at the convention, with more wonderful in-game prizes for players to win -- and this time, you don't have to drop one red gil to get in on the fun.

All players with a PlayOnline ID linked to a Square-Enix ID can pick one set of five numbers as their entry. As with the in-game event, the prizes depend on how many numbers you got right from the last digit upward. There's a one-in-ten chance of at least getting the lowest-ranked prize, in other words. The numbers will be drawn and announced on the 28th, the day of the event, and will be likely shared by the official Twitter and Facebook feeds soon thereafter. Entries end on the 21st, so get on over, read the official conditions, and hope you can beat those one-in-one-hundred-thousand odds for some of the best prizes in Final Fantasy XI!
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