Alcatel OT-980 with Android hands-on, we feel frugal just looking at it

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.18.10

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This is arguably one of the cheesiest Android devices we've ever handled -- and yes, we're including KIRFs in that observation -- but you've got to give Alcatel some credit here for taking the platform to a form factor that's entirely under-served and doing so with an affordable price point in mind. The company plans to aggressively target HTC's Tattoo when the OT-980 launches in its usual non-US markets later this year with Android 2.1, full HSPA, WiFi, AGPS, compass, and a 2.8-inch display. The thing is a straight-up fingerprint magnet (and the harsh lighting certainly wasn't doing it any favors), but that's not really any different from the Pre that it vaguely apes. The only prototype Alcatel had on hand had a busted display -- if you look closely, you can make out the UI, so it seems the backlight may have passed on to the giant circuitboard in the sky. That doesn't speak very highly of the build quality here, but then again, this is an homage to the Pre, right?
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