EGM Now launches with ... digitized final issue of old EGM?

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EGM Now launches with ... digitized final issue of old EGM?
We've been hearing about Steve Harris's digital version of the soon-to-be relaunched EGM for quite some time now, and we're just one month away from the magazine's return to newsstands. However, if you're trying to get an early peek at what Harris has in store for EGMi: The Digital Magazine (that he's said will be released supplementally between print issues), now's your chance. But what's this? The mysterious unreleased "last issue"of EGM? It is!

As Harris puts it, "The links on this cover page aren't live yet - but they will be long before Summer arrives." Okay, okay, it might've taken a year for the issue to become available -- and yes, it might be full of content on games that have been out for quite some time now -- but hey, it's a chance to explore "layers and depth that you control." Doesn't that seem enticing? Well, we're not really sure quite yet, as the Screen Paper-based issue has yet to incorporate the promises we've been hearing since last September. With grand plans for the release of a digital magazine every week once the print mag relaunches, we'll certainly see how this shakes out soon enough.
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