Origami-like Play MP3 Player concept makes tunes, not cranes

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.22.10

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We're going to go ahead and admit up front that this is not the most practical concept we've seen come out of Yanko Design before, but it is quite intriguing -- even if its name is not. Called the Play MP3 Player it's inspired by origami and to control it you fold it to create the shape of what you want to do. A triangle to play, a square to stop, and overlapping triangles to go forward or backward (another pic after the break explains it). You can see where the lack of practicality comes in, as it'd be a chore to fold and refold this thing every time you wanted to skip that Miley album your little sister wanted you to hear, but it is rather more intuitive than certain other screenless MP3 players.

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