Pixel Qi has 'several more' partners since CES, is working on new form factors

There's nothing, nothing, we love more than talkative CEOs. And though this may not be a case of some brash smack-talking, we still appreciate Mary Lou Jepsen giving us a fresh update on the development of those delectable Pixel Qi displays. As you already know, CES provided us with our first opportunity to see one in person (in the shape of the Notion Ink Adam) and we were left highly impressed with the versatility and responsiveness of the hybrid display. Since then, Mary Lou and company have recruited a few more partners and, while production of the 10-inch units is ramping up as expected, new form factors are also being contemplated. She still won't tell us any names, but we're excited by the possibility of (relatively) pocketable Pixel Qi devices -- how does a Dell Mini 5 with a 40-hour battery life sound?