GDC10: Sword of the New World changes detailed

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.10.10

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GDC10: Sword of the New World changes detailed

GamersFirst's Sword of the New World is primed for several interesting game play additions. We spoke with Jon-Enee Merriex at GDC 2010 to get the scoop on what's in store for the MMORTS that first launched in 2007.

Perhaps most interesting among the list of tweaks are plans to allow players to teleport between colonies controlled by their faction under the game's Political PVP system. If you're a Royalist, for example, you can look forward to jumping between Royalist-owned colonies, thereby saving considerable travel time.

The teleportation is one of several mechanics intended to allow players new and old to dive right into what the developer considers the game's primary focus. "The true focal point of Sword of the New World is all about the Political PvP system. It's all about running for office, controlling the colonies, and being a tyrant," Merriex said.
Each Saturday, players can engage in PVP battles for control of factional colonies. The first Friday of every month features elections for player factional leaders, and there is a large incentive (in the form of auction house transaction taxes) for players to win representation and ensure their faction triumphs in the aforementioned skirmishes. This weekend, players will have to choose between taking the colonies back from the Queen or going after a giant world-boss and the chance at a unique loot drop.

Additionally, GamersFirst has several user interface upgrades in the works that will allow players the freedom to customize the game's UI according to their whims.

Sword of the New World's latest expansion, Echoes of An Empire Volume 2, debuted in February and added two new raids, new pets, new costume boxes, and two new UPCs. These Unique Player Characters can be added to player families, providing the unique opportunity to control more than one character in an MMORPG/RTS environment.

Check the gallery below for screenshots from the latest game extension.

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