Samsung prices TL500, TL350, AQ100 and SL605 shooters

Samsung has just visited a bunch of data sheets upon us, and we've drawn out a few as yet unknown numerals regarding pricing and availability of the shooters it showed off at PMA this year. The TL500 above, swiveling AMOLED screen and all, will set buyers back $449 this spring when it'll be joined by its junior sibling, the TL350, which will cost $349. Both shooters offer RAW support and dual image stabilization, though funnily enough the cheaper 350 model offers 1080p video recording whereas the gaudier TL500 makes do with 640 x 480. If you're after something a bit more durable, the scratch-proof and rubberized SL605 will set you back only $129, while the all-weather AQ100 gets a $199 sticker, with both expected in that same spring release window. Phew, aren't you glad you know all that now?