GDC10: Massively's day 2 roundup

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.11.10

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GDC10: Massively's day 2 roundup
Welcome to another edition of Massively's GDC 2010 daily roundup. Yesterday brought a fresh onslaught of news about many a forthcoming MMORPG, and our tireless reporters were once again on the front lines. The day was definitely quality over quantity, as we settled into the rhythm of the conference and sat down for several interviews that we'll bring you later this week, including chats with Virtual Fairground and Turbine's Fernando Paiz. For now, check out our GDC stories from yesterday that you might have missed.

Also, you can browse our Poisonville gallery below, and be sure to check back throughout the remainder of the week as we bring you more GDC 2010 coverage.

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