Sprint picks up ESPN Mobile TV programming

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.13.10

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Sprint picks up ESPN Mobile TV programming
Sprint got punked a bit when Verizon swooped in and scored mobile programming from the NFL, but they were awfully quick to hit back today with the announcement that they've just added ESPN Mobile TV into the Sprint TV mix -- granted, they're just playing catch-up to Verizon's VCAST TV service, but Sprint TV's got considerably wider distribution through the lineup, so this could be perceived as a bigger win. The companies are touting over 100 live events in March and April alone, and more than 800 during 2010 -- enough to ensure that you won't get a thing done as long as you've got your phone (and a spare battery or three) handy. The new channel's available immediately to Sprint TV subscribers.
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