Warner / Blockbuster deal keeps movies out of kiosks for a month

Just in case Warner's ideal demarcation between release windows wasn't clearenough, it's struck a new deal with Blockbuster splitting rental dates for movies. Just like Redbox and Netflix, Warner movies are now on a 28-day delay before they appear in rental kiosks, but are available for rent at store locations or by mail on the same day they go on sale. Blockbuster CEO James Keyes calls the four-week lead an agreement that "reinforces Blockbuster's position as the most convenient source for new movies" but we're figuring with steady competition from VOD services (including its own Blockbuster On Demand, which will maintain day-and-date releases,) it will still have a tough time clawing back ground lost to the competition. First flicks under the new deal? The Blind Side and Sherlock Holmes.