Redbox to delay renting Warner movies in return for lower costs and access to Blu-ray

As we figured they would, Warner Bros. and Redbox have come to an agreement that will see the movie house supply DVDs and Blu-ray discs straight to the kiosk renter, after a 28 day delay, as well as a promise to destroy the copies after they are taken out of rental circulation. Much like Warner's deal with Netflix, it sees the delay as a way to protect its high margin sales and pricier VOD rentals, then provide the equivalent of a dollar movie theater down the road as flicks hit budget renters. On Redbox's end, it's looking forward to reduced costs for movies and access to Blu-ray titles in return for dropping its lawsuit, and has a deal in place with yet another content provider. No word on any expansion of Blu-ray availability in kiosks, but the new deal kicks off with The Blind Side in March, can you wait that long to save a few bucks?